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Caracat 66 boasts a striking design that nods to the philosophy of “less is more.” With a length of 6.60 meters and an intelligent layout system, it has everything one would expect in a home, from a wardrobe to a balcony. You can transform seating areas into comfortable beds and create rich flavors in its compact kitchen. Meet the Caracat 66, our lightest and most mobile model, offering significant possibilities in small spaces.


As the middle member of our family, Caracat 76 is 7.60 meters long, making it more functional in every detail. You’ll feel this functionality abundantly in its storage spaces. The key distinction from Caracat 66 is its additional seating area. With Caracat 76, you’ll feel as comfortable and secure as you do in your permanent home.


Caracat 86, our largest family member, is ready to take you on spacious and enduring explorations with its 8.60-meter length. Its safety, luxury and comfort reach the highest levels of contemporary standards.
You’ll fall in love at first sight with Caracat 86, freely moving on both land and water, and feel truly special with the aesthetic feast it offers in every detail.