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About Us

Caracat was a free and modern idea that sparkled in the mind of a young spirit. Aylin, one of our young team members, envisioned a completely new vehicle that could move both on land and water.
The Caracat team turned this dream into
an accessible reality for everyone.
All major innovations always begin with a question.
Our initial question was:
Can a catamaran continue its journey on land?
After extensive and long-term R&D processes, we developed a brand-new system with a patent that belongs to us.
We made the pontoons under the catamarans foldable, allowing the boat
to easily come ashore and continue its journey without slowing down. It was at this point that we began to imagine more, and we joined forces with Schneider Caravaning, an experienced brand in the caravan industry. We blended comfort and aesthetics in interior design. Caracat is now the freest version of a comfortable home. A brand-new life that can easily transition from land to water and from water to land; a timeless lifestyle. It is the new favorite for those who want to be part of change.

Story of the Innovation

Sea Lake and Land

Discover the world with Caracat with a single change…
The patent is for a new engine that runs on
land and on water at the same time.
Our patent system is the definition to make the pantoons foldable.
This increases efficiency by no longer requiring
two separate engines / vehicles.
While developing Caracat, the question if a catamaran can
continue its journey on land, brought as to an intense and iterative R&D process.
Finally, after successful internal and external test phases, we are extremely proud to call Caracat ours. Now, we want to share this with the world to be a part of our innovative and extraordinary journey. Closing the pontoons, you integrate Caracat into your car, and continue exploring on all roads with a width of 2.50 meters.
Planning to go to the sea, simply open the pontoons to enjoy the freedom of movement on the water.
Moreover, thanks to the expanding pontoon structure, the usage area, comfort, and safety of your home on the water also increases.


Sea Lake and Land

Modular and Functional
Caracat’s entire technical infrastructure is modular, allowing direct intervention in potential issues over time. Space and furniture designs are also offered with a rich array of options.

Flexible and Sustainable
Caracat draws inspiration from nature. It is harmonious, flexible, and environmentally friendly. Equipped with sustainable solutions and equipment in line with the spirit of the times.

Accessible and Safe
An accessible vehicle for individuals without barriers. Living and exploring in Caracat is easy and possible for everyone. Moreover, it features special
safety designs for both land and water navigation.

Innovation and Aesthetics
Caracat is an innovative idea in itself. New ideas and solutions are hidden in every detail. This feature is reflected in the design. The materials, textures, and colors offer innovative approaches. You can freely choose these details and create a Caracat entirely personalized for you.

Budget-Friendly and Licensed
You can park Caracat in your garage and be exempt from the maintenance and marina costs associated with owning a boat.
Your B1 driver’s license is sufficient to embark on adventures with Caracat. Start your journey immediately without the need for extra training or licenses.